7 Best Places to visit in Lithuania

1. Vilnius

Vilnius (Vil-nyus) is the capital and the biggest city of Lithuania, with a populace of in excess of five hundred thousand natives. It is situated in the southeastern piece of the nation – directly in the core of Europe, as per some geographic reports. Moreover, Vilnius is the second biggest city in the Baltic states, and it is a standout amongst its generally prettiest.

Vilnius is a cosmopolitan and a completely present day city, with an assortment of tempting and reasonable attractions. Its medieval legacy in addition to its stunning Gothic and Baroque structural styles make it a standout amongst the most all around flawless urban communities in Europe. Ethereal houses of God remain next to various rich eateries and comfortable bistros, encompassed by honorable old structures arranging the city’s notable cobbled stone lanes. In case you’re searching for an exquisite, serene and pristine travel goal – Vilnius should unquestionably hit each blemish on your rundown.

2. Kaunas

Kaunas is the second biggest city in the nation, and it’s home to 292,677 occupants. It was established right in the heartland of focal Lithuania, at the point where the great Neris and Nemunas streams unite. Besides, it has an extremely advantageous and financially ideal area, as it is arranged 100 km from Vilnius, and 212 km from the nation’s fundamental seaport town, Klaipėda. It’s acclaimed for its rich and brilliant history, green comfortable parks, the astounding and awesome engineering of its Old Town, energy for expressions of the human experience, just as its wild interwar soul.

This excellent town is otherwise called the most understudy situated city in Lithuania. Truth be told, there are in excess of 40 exhibition halls, 7 expert and 10 novice theaters, 20 old stories gatherings, in addition to different expressions and sports crews. In addition, the city arranges various little and vast celebrations, festivities and social occasions lasting through the year. A portion of its most mainstream celebrations include: the Kaunas Jazz, the Pažaislis Music Festival, Operetta in the Kaunas Castle, Hanza Kaunas, Bike Show Millennium and the Kaunas City Days.

At last, Kaunas is additionally hailed as the Lithuanian capital of… b-ball! As anyone might expect, it’s home to the best ball crew in the nation, called “Žalgiris”. Various games, for example, the noteworthy European Basketball Championships, occur in Kaunas’ shiny new Žalgiris Arena, which is likewise the biggest field in the whole Baltic area.

3. Klaipeda

Klaipėda is arranged in the Western piece of Lithuania, close to the Baltic ocean, 311km far from Vilnius. It is the third greatest city in the nation with a populace of 151, 227 inhabitants. Prominently, the city is the main without ice seaport in Lithuania. This reality has assumed an essential job in the nation’s monetary and instructive life, just as our transportation business.

Klaipėda is an exceptionally enchanting city, highlighting a glorious harbor, breathtaking engineering, in addition to various fun amusement choices. Bohemian individuals, white seagulls, chronicled landmarks, sandy shorelines and the invigorating smell of ocean, will abandon you with a container brimming with enduring recollections, not long after you withdraw Klaipėda.

4. Keranave

Kernavė is one of the most seasoned towns in Lithuania. It is situated in the southeast, on the correct bank of the stream Neris, and just 35 km far from the capital, Vilnius. This little town is home to… 272 occupants. Notwithstanding its little extents, Kernavė was perceived as the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Thus, this archeological milestone is a generally well known touristic fascination.

Kernavė’s history is longer than the greater part of alternate towns in Lithuania – it was one of the principal medieval capitals of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy. Guests who advance toward the town’s archeological save, can investigate various relics, including the establishments of old posts, position of royalty rooms and internment locales, which go back to the late Paleolithic Period!

Another intriguing sight with regards to Kernavė is its Neo-Gothic red block Church of St. Virgin Maria Skaplierinė, which was worked around 1920. In the congregation’s cemetery, you can discover the mosaics devoted to the 600th commemoration of Baptizing of Lithuania. Likewise, behind the congregation, there is an observational ground situated on a lofty slope. From its pinnacle you can appreciate probably the most pleasant sights in Lithuania – the Pajauta valley with its dazzling, moving hills, split crosswise over by the delightful Neris River.

5. Siauliai

Šiauliai (ʃɛʊˈlɛɪ) is the fourth biggest city arranged in the Northern Lithuania, with a populace of 133,900 natives. Its name originated from “Saulė”, which in Lithuanian signifies “Sun”. Thus its moniker: “the City of Sun”. Šiauliai was first referenced as “Soule” in the Livonian Order annals which depicted the Battle of Sun (“Saulės mūšis”), that occurred not a long way from here. The city’s established date is presently viewed as the date of the fight, which occurred on the 22nd of September in 1236.

The vast majority who visit this post-modern, once Soviet powerhouse city of Šiauliai, come to see the unbelievable Hill of Crosses which is found roughly 12km far from the town. The Hill of Crosses is an eerie hill made of different crosses, just as statues and pictures of Christ and the Virgin Mary. What’s more, it is a national journey site, a stand-out on the planet.

6. Palanga

Palanga is one of the busiest coastline summer resort towns, situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea, in western Lithuania. It has a populace of around 15,533 natives. This marvelous town is renowned for its 18 km long and up to 300m wide sandy shorelines. Besides, Palanga was given the status of a district, and it currently contains some extra little hotel zones, for example, Nemirseta, Šventoji, Būtingė, in addition to a couple of others.

Palanga is a standout amongst the most as often as possible visited Summer occasion goals, among Lithuanians. Various local people, just as guests from the neighboring nations come to unwind and party in this pleasant ocean town. The city’s principal road, the Jonas Basanavicius lane, is loaded up with incalculable bars, mixed drink clubs, and extravagant eateries. Among them, Palanga Kurhaus, the city’s first lodging and eatery – is one of the best attractions in the focal point of Palanga.

7. Trakai

Trakai is another little Lithuanian town of just 11,5 square km, arranged between 3 lakes, 28 km west of Vilnius. The city has around 5,400 occupants, however, it gets in excess of two million guests consistently. Trakai is outstanding for the excellence of its common scenes, natural life saves, tasty woodlands, just as its wonderful Island Castle, situated on the lake Galvė.

Trakai is a novel fracture of different islets and green slopes, sparkling waters and moving knolls. This town is a standout amongst the most enrapturing end of the week withdraws in Lithuania. There are a lot of recreation exercises, such as swimming, angling, cruising in an air watercraft, paragliding, horseback riding and others, that you can appreciate in Trakai. Moreover, there are various bungalows, estates, inns and recreational buildings to browse.

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